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Croton Brewing

Ed's World of Beer

Photo Gallery

Brew Day 9/7/09 Brew Day 9/7/09 Base Malt 8 lbs. Crushed Rahr 2 row pale malted barley 51173702 Touch it! Gotta touch, taste and smell it! 51173703 Special Grain 1 2 lbs.Briess Caramel 40L 51173705 Caramel 40L 51173706 Special Grain 2 2 lbs. Briess Caramel Malt 60L 51173707 Caramel 60L 51173708 Grain in the Mash Tun 51173709 Grain in the Tun 51173704 The Mash Mash at 154F for 1 hour 51173710 Verlauft! Fancy term for starting to sparge...setting up the gran bed as a filter by recirculating the "wort" 51173713 The Sparge Sparge with enough water at 170F to collect 6.5 gallons of wort. Nice and sugary now. 51173714 More Sparging 51173715 Collecting the Wort 51173716 Spent Grain Makes good compost 51173717 The Boil Boil the Wort for 1 hour 51173701 BOILOVER!!! Can't let it foam over too much. You lose some good stuff and it makes cleanup a nightmare! 51173718 Hop Pellets Not as good as the fresh flowers, but Brewer's Gold is hard to come by, so pellets it is! They get added with 60 minutes left to boil, 15 minutes left to boil and 1 minute left to boil. 51173719 Cool down After boiling, you need to drop the temperature to 70- 80F AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!!! I immerse a copper coil with cold water running through. I can go from boiling to room temp in less than 10 minutes. 51386553 Cold Break When the temp drops quickly, protein coagulates and drops out. This means clearer beer. If you look closely, you can see disgusting swirlies in the chilling wort. 51386554 More Chillin' The cold break is the murk crap floating in the middle. After the chilling, you "Whirlpool". 51386552 Whirlin' the Pool Wort is spinning under the lid, which collects all of this junk (and hop remnants) on the bottom. The residue on the side is from boilover....pure sugar. 51386557 Sanitary conditions from now on please! The brown liquid is an iodine based sanitizer I use to clean everything that contacts the beer from now on. 51386555 Fermenter I am using a plastic 6.5 gallon carboy for fermentation purposes. 51386556 Siphoning Sucking the beer out into the fermenter. 51386559 Screening Evern though I whirlpooled, I still sieve out some crap that comes over during siphoning 51386558 Aeration As the wort gets screened, it gets aerated, where extra oxygen is absorbed. This oxygen is needed by the yeast to kick into fermentation gear. 51386560 Measuring Gravity The wort Gravity is measured before fermentation to estimate how much fermentable sugar is in the wort. This test is repeated after fermentation, so the 2 numbers can be used to calculate the Alcohol By Volume. This beer will be around 5%, given past experience. 51386547 Pitching the Yeast This package has 100 billion yeast cells. I needed to break a small package inside with nutrients to get the yeast activated. The package was supposed to swell. 51173711 American Ale II I am using American Ale II. There are hundreds of yeast varieties to choose from. They each impart their own character to the final beer. 51173712 Active Fermentation After 24 hours, this is what happens 51519965 The Water Trap This stops bad stuff from getting into the fermentation yet allowing carbon dioxide to escape. Bubblin' away! 51519963 Krausen Another cool German term. It's the foamy covering that the yeast forms. 51519962 Klose Up of Krausen Brewers scoop this up and use it as active yeast to pitch into other batches. 51519964 Yeast Party Hard to see, but little chunks of yeast are floating around, up and down, eating the sugar and making alcohol. 51519967 Close up of yeast activity Don't know if this is a better shot. 51519968