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Croton Brewing

Ed's World of Beer



Brew Professor?

Posted by Ed Godek on September 8, 2011 at 9:15 PM

I have been asked by Seana and Bill of The Green Growler Grocer in Croton to conduct a Brew Clinic.  I am psyched!!!  I actually love training people, and really hope the attendees get enough information to fall in love with brewing!  Most people, and almost me, are turned off after their first batch.  If you don;t know what you are doing, you can make really bad beer.  Sometimes it is sour or just skunky.  Luckily I hung in there for a few batches and really embraced sanitation.  I work in the Pharmaceutical Industry, so I know a little about cleanliness.  It came easy to me after I realized its importance.  I want to impart enough experience so that they are not afraid and make good beer right off the bat.  I can't wait for them to hone the craft to a point where they are teaching me!



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