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Croton Brewing

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Dunken for Apples?

Posted by Ed Godek on November 19, 2009 at 11:06 PM

I did a simple extract kit recipe for a Dunkelweizen to serve at Rutheny's Art of Food this weekend.  I kegged it today, and when I tasted it, I got an apple flavor.  Last year, AikiBrewer made a Kolsch that had a similar pear-like, apple-like flavor, which is uncommon for that style. He found that he had a bacterial infection (sounds worse than it is) of acetobacter.  This is the bacteria that converts wine into vinegar.  So, it is not true that wine that is aged too long turns into vinegar.  It only does so if it has that particular bateria.  Anyway, I am hoping that the German Wheat Beer yeast I used created the right compounds to get that fruity, apple like taste.  I had never used the Safbrew WB-06 before. 


I am chilling it tonight, and I will carbonate it tomorrow.  I hope it tastes good, because I will be really dissapointed and I will NOT go to the Art of Food.  I am planning on meeting Ian at 3PM to set up the kegs and then enjoy the evening.  I am really looking forward to this!  I have no idea how many homebrewers are coming, and I hope to taste every brew and hope to sample some tasty treats.  Exciting!  I got a little "non-artsy" artsy with my keg.  I wrapped 2 "lines" of duct tape around each keg and wrote in a not-so-fancy, purposely uneven font, "DUNKEN FOR APPLES", and "CROTONBREWING.WEBS.COM".  Hey, why not advertise?  Isn't that why artists show in a gallery?  To promote and sell?  I am promoting a little.  What I am promoting, other than a meaningless website, I don't know!

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Reply AikiBrewer
11:47 PM on November 20, 2009 
Hey Ed,

The problem with last year's Kolsch was found to be a small dark greenish fuzz growing in the blow off valve of my keg. Ever since then for cleaning I remove the trap and soak the valve in iodophor. I also place the keg top in boiling water for 10 minutes just to be sure. I most likely will not make it to Rutheny's as I'll be kegging my Pumpkin Ale Saturday night.

Good Luck with the Dunkin for Apples
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