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Croton Brewing

Ed's World of Beer



Pete's is just OK

Posted by Ed Godek on October 20, 2009 at 8:29 PM

Not one of my best, but not one of my worst.  I thought it was a bit sweet.  Kristi and I drank most of it this weekend, with my father having a few glasses.  It didn't yield as much as it should because I had a carbonation problem.  Either my keg leaked or I was just stupid.  I left my keg in the fridge with the CO2 tank attached.  I carbonated at 17 PSI, and stored it initially at 30 PSI.  I tried a pitcher one night, which means I had to drop the pressure to 7 PSI.  I left it there, and the beer chilled, and the pressure dropped, and I lost my seal.  The regulator then attempted to maintain a 7 PSI pressure, and just evacuated.  Luckily, I have an attachment for the 16g CO2 cartidges, which allowed me to re-carbonate and pressurize.  I just had no way of measuring pressure.  So I made it too high and got a lot of foam this past weekend.  Oh well.  Maybe the scottish stout porter will work out better.  I will re-fill my tank and pay more attention!

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